Martins & Bueno offers its corporate clients the service of outplacement, providing them with greater safeguards in relation to labor law issues. For the outplaced employee, we offer support and guidance for the career transition. Two categories of outplacement services are offered:
The choice in the event of a large number of employees being outplaced in a company, brought about by restructuring, fusions and acquisitions.
Offered when the client company wishes to provide the outplaced employee personalized counseling and guidance focusing on job market re-entry or in starting up a self-owned business.

This service is designed for the outplaced who have reduced employability in the work market. It is directed towards preparing these professionals to better understand and deal with the separation process from the company, so that the impact this transition can cause is reduced. By means of our own methodology and personalized, one–on-one counseling, our services provide support and training to delineate a new life and career project, where new work possibilities are perceived and elaborated.